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Rabindra Puraskar 2019 -2020 form

RABINDRA PURASKAR 2019 -2020 form

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Barun Saha

Introduction :

Born on the 19th October 1956 in the village, Prachin Mayapur on the bank of river Ganga in the district Nadia, the birth place of Lord Chitanya Mahaprabhu, Till the age of eight years he stayed in the village with his parents.Later, he came to Kolkata with his elder brother.Presently, he is permanent resident of Kolkata.Started education in the village, Lateron studied in school of North Kolkata. Completed the Draftsmanship Course from I.T.I Gariahat. But painting was his first love.With this intention he had often visited the Society of Oriental Arts to quench his thirst of learning. Thereafter he took the profession of aArt of Drawing and Painting. Teacher of couple of Art School and Cover designer of over thousand books both letterary and School books.

His father was a freedom fighter and member of Anushilon Samity. But during partition of India he was bound to leave all the ancestral property and rush to West Bengal and reached Paschim Mayapur area of Nabadwip. After wandering a lot he could fetch a teaching job in a primary school and settled at the bank of the Ganges. The area was near the birthplace of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. His salary was Rs.47 per month. But being a poet and story writer he taught honesty to all the children including his own. Due to this turmoil and poor family conditions Barun’s school days started late at the age of Eight. He was having very poor health in his childhood due to malnutrition. But the hard labor of his parents helped all the children to complete at-least secondary education.

More About Barun Saha

Credentiality :

Participation of the Annual Exhibition of INDIAN SOCIETY OF ORIENTAL ART – 1986,
All India Annual Exhibition of BIRLA ACADEMY OF ARTS & CULTURE 1989 with legendary artist Ganesh Pyne & Bikash Bhattacharjee
All India Arts teachers’ Art Exhibition 2006 (Camel art Foundation),
All India Art Exhibition of Hyderabad Art Society – 2007 (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh),
All India Exhibition of INDIAN NATIONAL FORUM OF ART AND CULTURE 2010 ART Lalit kala Akademi Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi.


Solo Exhibition at STATE ART GALLERY, Guwahati Assam, 1987
Solo Exhibition at ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Kolkata, 1988
Solo Exhibition at CHEMOULD ART GALLERY Kolkata, 2011
Solo Exhibition at TAJ BENGAL KOLKATA, 2012
Solo Exhibition at Hotel Hindus International 2013
Solo Exhibition at ALTAMIRA ART GALLERY, Kolkata 2014
Solo Exhibition at TAJ BENGAL KOLKATA 2014
Solo Exhibition at PEGASUS ART GALLERY Hyderabad, 2014
10th A RETROSPECTIVE SHOW BY BARUN SAHA at Academy of Fine Arts North Gallery, Kolkata 2016

Group Exhibition :

Group Exhibition at ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS Kolkata 2002 to 2016 ( every year)
Group Exhibition at ICCR. Art Gallery, Kala Bhavan , Hyderabad 2006.
Group Exhibition at ACHIN POTUA 2007.
Group Exhibition at STATE GALLERY OF FINE ARTS Hyderabad (A.P) 2007
Group Exhibition at TEJAJ ART GALLERY, Kolkata 2007
Group Exhibition at THEME GALLERY , Kolkata 2008
Group Exhibition at CHITRAKALA PARISHAD, Bangaluru 2008
Group Exhibition at Govt. Museum and ART GALLERY, Chandigarh 2009
Group Exhibition at CHEMOULD ART GALLERY , Kolkata 2010
Group Exhibition at KOHINOOR CONTINENTAL, Mumbai 2010
Group Exhibition at LALITKALA AKADEMI, Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi 2010
Group Exhibition at OPEN PALM COURT GALLERY India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 2011 (Nirvana)
Group Exhibition at CHEMOULD ART GALLERY Kolkata 2011
Group Exhibition at CHITRAMAYEE STATE GALLERY OF FINE ARTS , Hyderabad 2011

Inter State :

Intimacy -(1) KOLKATA AND HYDERABAD at Academy of Fine Arts Kolkata 2007
Intimacy –(2) PUNJAB,BENGAL & ANDHRA PRADESH at Indian Academy of Fine Arts, Amritsar – 2007
Intimacy –(3) MUMBAI,KOLKATA & HYDERABAD at State Gallery of Fine Arts Hyderabad (A.P) – 2008

Work Shop :

RURAL ART CAMP at Srikakulam (A.P)
Art Camp of VICTORIA MEMORIAL – 2007
Art Camp at Asutosh Centinary Hall, Organised by W.B.Govt.(Health), etc.

Award :

Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC), State Art Gallery (A.P) 2014